GOMES, Marcelo

Pathêmes is the first monograph from artist Marcelo Gomes. The Brazilian-born photographer has edited a body of work that spans almost a decade into a visual-poetic sequence that distorts and blurs the conventions of the photo book. Unbound and built upon a thoughtful and surprising use of papers, textures, and narrative disjunctions, the book itself mirrors Gomes’ own documentation of the everyday casual, dreamy and, almost always, between. The impact of these images lands with soft dissolution, leaving a faint, nostalgic record of his travels, trips spent in pursuit of the jubilant and the intimate in locales as far-flung as Nicaragua, New Zealand, his native Brazil, Brussels, New York City, and Rome. Taken as a whole, Gomes’ 280-page monograph is a reminder, as writer Durga Chew-Bose notes in her introductory essay, “that so much of seeing is actually about standing back, looking out, and remembering to make use of our neck.” [publisher's note]

Published by Self Titled, 2022
Design by Any Other Name
Photography / Artists' Books

Price: 120€

GOMES, Marcelo - Pathêmes