Martellate – Scritti Fighi 1990-2019

A collection of all writings, in the form of slogans, which have accompanied Marcello Maloberti in almost thirty years of poetics introducing themes he finds meaningful.
A sequence of thoughts which, written in black felt-tip pen, burst onto the white page like the urgency of a title, as if it was a book of titles. Like a collection of impulsive fragments, each page looks like a world itself. It ranges from poetry to irony to the use of the spoken word, in a constant succession of moods and formal tones. A series of incompatible images that results as a marmalade of heterogeneous contents or a continuous zapping, which reminds us of how people live social media.
The “hammerings” are absent words / images. Direct, frontal, cheeky like the ones you wouldn't want to hear, they stay and “hammer” your head. Each one is a curtain that opens. Think, feel or even steal, they are always transcribed from the oral point of view, like sentences written in a written voice. There is no chronological order in the book to favor the possibility of the here and now, of the autonomy or the effectiveness of each slogan. [publisher's note]

Published by Flash Art, 2020
Artists' Books

Price: 35€

MALOBERTI, Marcello - Martellate – Scritti Fighi 1990-2019