LÄRM (ed.)
Lärm #1

The Lärm Fanzine contains a selection of 11 texts, elegantly curated and put together with surreal illustrations and distinctive black and white images. The zine is a collaborative effort, focusing on the individual perspective of the author on recommended creations like Cluster, Robert Turman, David Lynch, Gregg Araki, Alejandro Jodorowsky or Voivod.

With a spotlight outside of the superficially perceived and obvious, the Lärm Fanzine can thus be regarded as a collection of oddities and eccentricities in music and film culture – a tribute to creative visions that continually tend to surprise us.

[publisher's note]

Published by Lärm Publications, 2020
Design by Benedikt Eiden
Film & Video / Music & Sound / Zines / Cultural Studies

Price: 12€

LÄRM (ed.) - Lärm #1