HESSLER, Stefanie; BANG LARSEN, Lars; WEST, Kim (eds.)

Publication featuring selected material from the program E2-E4, a series of exhibitions, lectures, and events at Rutiga Golvet at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, during fall 2017 and spring 2018, organized by Stefanie Hessler, Lars Bang Larsen, and Kim West. Students of the MA1 course in Art Theory have contributed to this collaborative work.

E2-E4 is the name of the most common opening move in chess, the one that sets the game in motion. E2-E4 is also the name of a program for theoretical activities, exhibitions, and publications at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. “Theory” is here conceived not as academic superstructure or epistemic authority, but as orientation, as that first grasp of our own situation, and of its location in a wider system, network, or totality, which may allow us to begin, to go from the confusion of undefined possibility to the provisional determination of practice. The program explores the use values of the exhibition as a critical information system, in the service of education, aesthetic experience, and public dissemination.

The meeting place, Rutiga golvet, links teaching in art theory, publication and exhibition production, seminars and the construction of a micro library. Rutiga golvet is a place where theory meets practice. What happens on Rutiga golvet interacts with the Institute’s education and the student’s work in order to provide an opportunity for a meeting between the theory and practice of art. The exact place of Rutiga golvet was in the early 70’s the location of the legendary experimental department of Moderna museet where key exhibitions for the Swedish alternative movement where carried out. [editors note]

Published by Royal Institute of Art, 2018
Design by Frederik Egesborg and Christian Nyampeta
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HESSLER, Stefanie; BANG LARSEN, Lars; WEST, Kim (eds.) - E2-E4