REINES, Ariana
A Sand Book

Exceeding all predictions
As I write you

At last! Just in time for the sand of this summer, we got copies of A Sand Book, Ariana Reines’ latest book of poems (+ a few pictures). The title comes from Paul Celan, whose words come as an epigraph: “NO MORE SAND ART, no sand book, no masters.” Reines’s sense of refusal and urgency is more intense than ever in this volume, part-chronicle, part-epic, loaded with mourning AND ardor. Let’s add that Eileen Myles qualifies Reines’ writing as “lewd, broken, narcissistic,” and Jenny Zhang as “female/queer/weird.” What are you waiting for.

Published by Penguin, 2020

Price: 20€

REINES, Ariana - A Sand Book