¶#1: Backpacking

Wikipedia is not:

A paper encyclopedia
A dictionary
A publisher of original thought
A soapbox or means of promotion
A mirror or a repository of links
A memorial site
A manual or scientific journal
A dictionary
A crystal ball
A newspaper
An indiscriminate collection of information

¶#1 consists solely of texts and images found on the online collaborative platform Wikipedia. This publication contains many authors and we’d like to thank every one of them. ¶#1 is assembled by Annosh Urbanke, designed by Tjobo Kho and published by OUTLINE. ¶#1 is printed in an edition of 150 and was made in November 2020. It includes a numbered print of her work Wadi Rum (2018) + sticker.

Published by OUTLINE / Werkplaats Typografie, 2020
Design by Tjobo Kho
Graphic Design / Periodicals / Typography

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URBANKE, Annosh - ¶#1: Backpacking