Still, Looking – Works 1969-2016

Since the early 1970s Billy Sullivan has accompanied New York's underground, art and fashion scenes with his camera, using the resultant photographic material as templates for oil paintings, pastel drawings and elaborate multi-part slideshow installations. Sullivan shows his friends, family, lovers and muses, as well as the worlds and demimondes in which they move: clubs, ateliers, rumpled hotel rooms and elegant beach houses. This first monograph dedicated to Sullivan’s work, explores the interrelation between his photographic work and his paintings and drawings. It also includes essays by art historian William J. Simmons and critic Linda Yablonsky. [publisher’s note]

Published by Edition Patrick Frey, 2016
Design by Marietta Eugster

Price: 70€

SULLIVAN, Billy - Still, Looking – Works 1969-2016